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We provide bespoke upholstery services throughout the South East and London utilising both traditional and modern upholstery techniques for domestic, trade and commercial clients. We love nothing more than breathing new life into a loved piece of furniture, or working with you to produce a unique new piece. In addition to this we have numerous vintage pieces available and are able to source any furniture to meet your style, space and budget.


We work with some of the best fabric companies from across Europe and we also have our own range of high quality bespoke fabrics available. Click here to view our exclusive fabric ranges. Click here to view our exclusive fabric ranges. 


Bring your furniture back to life!

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• Traditional upholstery (stuffing / stitching)

• Modern upholstery

• Commercial upholstery

• Seat cushions - (Box, T-shape and loose cushion replacements)

• Fixing and replacing webbing / springs

• Stripping / staining / waxing of wood

• Frame repairs



Traditional upholstery epitomizes craftsmanship, ideal for older and high-quality modern chairs. Crafted with precision, it employs natural materials like horsehair or coir fibre. These eco-friendly elements not only ensure comfort but can be returned to the earth, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

Through intricate techniques like stuffing, stitching, and meticulous webbing, traditional upholstery transforms furniture into timeless pieces of art. Each curve and shape is meticulously crafted, ensuring both structural integrity and enduring comfort. In a world of mass production, traditional upholstery stands as a testament to the enduring craft of the artisan.


Modern upholstery, typically suited for post-World War II chairs, employs foam for shaping and comfort, secured with staples. While foam lasts around 20-30 years, it lacks eco-friendliness. We offer eco-friendly alternatives with comparable durability.

Our services extend to refurbishing existing furniture or crafting bespoke items like footstools and headboards. Collaborating with skilled carpenters and frame builders, we ensure tailor-made pieces, whether it's a bedroom chair, sofa, or commercial seating. Rest assured, we adhere to current UK Fire Regulations for both residential and commercial projects

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