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Our homes should be somewhere that we love and feel relaxed in; they should be a reflection of ourselves and work for our lifestyles. We believe that interior design should be accessible to everyone. This is why, at Clueit Webb Interiors, we offer a range of packages that suit all budgets.


Perhaps you just need some design direction and expertise to finish off a problematic room? Maybe you're looking for inspiration on a completely blank canvas or perhaps you have a bigger renovation project that we can help with? Whichever it is, we are here to work with you and,

using our combined design experience, help you realise your dream home.


Below is a breakdown of the different packages we have to offer. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs with us.


Do you just need a little help in pulling what you have together and moving it in a slightly different direction?


For this package we will offer you initial design inspiration and advice to help you understand and pull together your space.



● 1 hour consultation

● Design intent mood boards:
which will include colour palette suggestions, furniture and accessories ideas


● Useful styling tips and advice

£300 exc VAT per room

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Would you like us to go into more detail? This package provides you with all the essential items you need to create a complete design, but you still get to make it your own.


You order items & install the space(s) at your own pace with the confidence each detail has been carefully considered.



● 1 Floorplan with furniture layout


● Design intent mood board with key furniture selections


● Colour palette

● Samples box for the suggested scheme
(which could include fabric, wallpaper, floor and tile samples)


● Linked retail shopping list


● Useful styling tips and advice


● One round of revision

£650 exc VAT with multi-room discount available


Still, feel this is not enough?


If you are maybe starting a renovation project and need a more detailed hands on approach from concept to completion, this is where the full interior design service would be right for you.



● Full Design service-where we work with you in a similar way to above to arrive at your perfect design. This will include concept and design drawings,
co-ordination of trades for any building works, liaising with architects, overall project management and purchasing, FF&E specification, overseeing deliveries and putting the finishing touches to the design.

● Discounted rates from our trade suppliers.

Pricing will be dependant on the project size and budget.
For more further details of this service, please get in touch.



In addition to the above, we can accommodate all budgets and can work on an hourly basis if the design packages aren’t quite right for your needs. You can pick and choose any of the above services, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are renovating, need advice on storage solutions or simply need help with the room layout we can help you improve your existing space. The consultancy service is ideal if you have specific issues you want to resolve for one or multiple rooms in your home.


Our hourly rate is £60 exc VAT per hour.

Please get in touch with us and we can discuss an interior design solution that works for you

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