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Our approach to fabric design is always the same: we combine trends and inspirations from across the world and time to create inimitable results.

We go further to ensure our environmental credentials are substantial and without rival.
Therefore our designs are printed on cloth that is Oeko Tex 100 certified and digitally printed, keeping the highest quality and environment-friendly production methods a priority.

We have a range of semi-plain fabrics that are sourced from some of the best mills in Italy. A part of this range features sustainable fabrics that pass environmental standards.

In our printed design collection, there are six designs to choose from including Tetric, Mzuri and Khufu and, in the new collection, Arame, Estuary and Scaridae.


One of the many reasons that we digitally print our fabric is because of its flexibility. This means that we can create colourways that work perfectly with your project’s colour scheme. Please get in touch with us directly or via the contact page to discuss custom colour combinations on our fabric designs. Please note that this service is only available to trade and meterage minimums apply.

Want to see the fabrics before you order? Please order samples from us here.

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