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We provide bespoke upholstery services throughout the South East and London utilising both traditional and modern upholstery techniques for domestic, trade and commercial clients. We love nothing more than breathing new life into a loved piece of furniture, or working with you to produce a unique new piece. In addition to this we have numerous vintage pieces available and are able to source any furniture to meet your style, space and budget. 


We work with some of the best fabric companies from across Europe and we also have our own range of high quality bespoke fabrics available.

Click here to view our exclusive fabric ranges. 


• Traditional upholstery (stuffing / stitching)

• Modern upholstery

• Commercial upholstery

• Seat cushions - (Box, T-shape and loose cushion replacements)

• Fixing and replacing webbing / springs

• Stripping / staining / waxing of wood

• Frame repairs



Traditional upholstery is normally appropriate for older chairs and high quality modern pieces. A highly specialised craft, it utilises quality natural materials, such as horsehair or coir (coconut) fibre for stuffing. Employing sophisticated stuffing and stitching techniques to form the shapes and curves on a piece, whilst using time-honoured traditions of webbing, springing, tying and tacking to ensure a piece maintains its shape, structure and comfort for many years to come. Traditionally upholstered furniture has a much longer lifespan when compared to its modern alternative.


Modern upholstery is generally more appropriate for post-second world war chairs, although it can be used on older pieces if done correctly.  Instead of the traditional hair and fibre modern upholstery uses foam to form the shape and comfort of the piece with staples to secure fabrics although some of the more traditional materials such as hessian, felts, webbing and some hand-stitching are also used. With foam generally lasting 20-30 years before it starts to break down, modern upholstery will need replacing more quickly than traditional.


We can work on existing furniture or build items such as footstools and headboards in-house to your own specifications. We also have a number of carpenters and frame builders that we work closely with to be able to deliver a perfectly bespoke item of furniture, be it a bedroom chair, a perfectly sized sofa or even commercial banquette seating. We have an in-depth knowledge of current UK Fire regulations for both domestic and commercial work.

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